Project info
Category : Current Projects
Project Start Date : February 2018
Completion : On-going
Size of Site : 45.38 ha / 112 acres
No. of Dwellings : 850 dwellings / 12ha of employment land
Project Details

The site, which is located to the south of Melton Mowbray, forms part of the Southern Sustainable Neighbourhood within the adopted Melton Local Plan (adopted on 10thOctober 2018).  The Local Plan indicates that the Southern Sustainable Neighbourhood proposes to provide a minimum of 2,000 dwellings, 20 hectares of employment land, a primary school and community/retail facilities.  A strategic road link connecting the A606 to the A607, forming part of the Melton Mowbray Distributor Road, will also be funded and built as part of the Southern Sustainable Neighbourhood.

Greenlight Developments are working with Melton Borough Council on a proposed development, based on the current known infrastructure requirements, for circa 850 dwellings and 12 hectares of employment land.

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